4 Steps To Be A Better Human Being

As human being, we must get better and better. How?

1. Make Target

Just write what you want to reach this month and speak it, then consistent doing all you had written. You know, sometimes maybe you think that target is not important. But no, it’s really important to give you a spirit. Everyone wants to get better right? Make target so you won’t be lazy.

World feels perfect when you get better and useful for as many people.

2. Be Happy

If you are happy in the beginning. InsyaAllah you’ll always feel happy till the end. What you start will give you the law of attraction in your next day. I know you all guys have problems. In fact, me too. But why dont you just keep smiling at your problems? Trust me,

everything that happened is caused by your thinking.

So, always think good, act good. You are what you think. Once again, be happy! It’s a beautiful new month. If you can’t, imagine any beautiful moment you ever had before. It could be the moment when you won competition, when your birthday came and everyone smiled at you, when your crush noticed you, when your boyfriend purposed you, when your baby born, when you graduated from school. Imagine it! Be grateful!

3. Give Charity

We are not alone in this world. There are so many people who needs your help. Give charity doesn’t make you poor. Trust me, you will gain more.

When you give charity, everyone will fall in love with you and prays for your bless.

So keep giving charity.

4. Pray

You need to pray. God will help by giving a nice month to you. Keep praying and trust that He will make your life better and useful. You will never regret it.

Praying can give you a peaceful feeling.

Happy September!


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