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[REVIEW] Taare Zaamen Par


Title : Taare Zameen Par
Genre : Drama
Director : Aamir Khan
Actor : Darsheel Safary, Aamir Khan, Tischa Copra, Vipin Sharma, Sachet Engineer
Year : 2007
Duration : 140 minutes

Some people say not to judge each other from it’s cover. But word will be just word. In reality, most people judge from it’s cover and often use the academic score at school as the valuation of quality. The more he smart, the more people will honor and proud. And for those people who has low score at school, they will getting jugde even as idiot. They won’t see their capability in other subject except things in academic.

The worst is that this thing happen not only adult but also kid. It’s even worse when teachers and parents give them pressure to be what they want and not what the kid really want. Kid actually only need support to develope their talent and interest. When kid gets pressure, they could feel hopeless and depressed.
For this reasons, appears few movies which want to give support for those unlucky kid who always get judge. One of them comes from India, it’s Taare Zaamen Par.

The story begun by Ishaan Nandkishore Awasthi who is an eight years old boy who doesn’t really like school and fails in every exam. He finds all subjects difficult. But Ishaan’s internal world is such a magical lands filled with colour and animated animals.

Ishaan’s father, Nandkishore Awasthi, is a successful executive who expects him to be excellent as his first son. His mother, housewife Maya Awasthi, is frustrated by her inability to educate her son. Ishaan’s elder brother, Yohaan, is the smart one. He is best in all subjects, which Ishaan is frequently reminded of.

After receiving a particularly poor academic report, Ishaan’s parents send him to a boarding school. But there, the horrible thing is just begin. Ishaan sinks into fear and depression. He feels alone and lonely all the times. It’s even getting worse.

But fortunately, Ishaan’s situation changes when a new art teacher comes, Ram Shankar Nikumbh, joins the school’s faculty. Nikumbh’s teaching style is markedly different from that of his strict predecessor, and he quickly observes that Ishaan is unhappy and contributes little to the class activities. He reviews Ishaan’s work and concludes that his academic shortcomings are indicative of dyslexia.

He attempts to improve Ishaan’s reading and writing by using remedial techniques developed by dyslexia specialists; Ishaan soon develops an interest in language and mathematics, and his grades improve.

People should watch this movie. It’s highly recommended because it has more than one lesson. First, ever kid is special. Most of people only judge intelligence from their academic score. But the reality, one kid probably has a strength on his academic but another is weak but really good on his non academic suchs drawing, acting, singing. Second, this movie could remind people, especially for parents and teachers not to judge student/kid only because their low academic score. They’ll get depression cause all they need is about an attention and guiding. They just don’t know how to develop their unique talent and interest.

This is kind of an easy-going movie. We don’t have to be smart or expert on something to watch this movie. It gives happiness because sometimes, they give the light jokes which are could make people laugh.
The plus side is this movie has good actors and ever popular already. As a director and also player, Aamir Khan. Most of the people in Indonesia, I guess, especially the one who are crazy about Bollywood probably know him well. And another well-known actors from India also play in this movie.

But the minus side, this movie has long duration. It spends more than 2 hours. And there is more than one scene that I think is useless and taking lots of time. Like when Ishaan is depressed, people could be bored of this. And the kid who wants to watch this movie should watch with their parents because there are few kind of violence scene. The last one, the ending of this movie is expected. I don’t really like the ending personally. I wished for a suprising ending so I could say “Holy crap! This is awesome!” but it’s not suprising me.

Overall, I could say that this is a must watch movie especially for parents and teachers so they could help student/kid developing their talents and interests. We only need to be patient when watching this movie. If they do, the world will be better cause the kid would feel free to do what they really want and serve to their country by doing the best they could give.


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