[Review] The Diary of A Young Girl : The Definitive Edition

Title : The Diary of A Young Girl

Writer : Anne Frank

Editor : Otto H. Frank and Mirjam Pressler

Translator : Susan Massotty

sumber : pinterest.com
sumber : pinterest.com

I dreadfully couldn’t imagine if I was her who had to suffer in a hiding house such The Annex. Am I capable for it? For the sake of the queen, can you imagine if you had to mind your cough, sneeze, footstep or even hold your breath for not making sound and staying quiet? Anne Frank and her family had to do that for the whole two years. I confess that horrible things like those aren’t just attacking the Jews during the Hitler ‘s authority, but also the Palestinians and all clans in every war. Knowing those, instead of rising a peaceful world, still, there are so much spilled-blood nowadays. The worst is sometimes, another group of people couldn’t help but just see them in sympathic looks.

The people on their way to work at that early hour gave us sympathetic looks; you could tell by their faces that they were sorry they couldn’t offer us some kind of transportation; the conspicuous yellow star spoke for itself. (Thursday, July 9, 1942)

sumber : www.livinghisword.org (yellow star Jewish had to wear)
sumber : http://www.livinghisword.org
(yellow star  the Jews had to wear)

That was happening after Margot, Anne’s sister got the call-up notice which forced them to hide themself and started their miserable life. For your information, call-up notice is an order to serve in the armed forces.

sumber : www.lausd.k12.ca.us (contoh call-up notice)
sumber : http://www.lausd.k12.ca.us
(an example of call-up notice)

War happens when a group of people’s goals are against another’s. Couldn’t they just discuss the problem instead of killing each other in the battlefield? Whether hot or cold war couldn’t be stopped by anything since good and bad thing have to be in balance.

By the way, this diary consists of three types. First, the unedited diary by Anne herself nor her father. Second, the edited diary by Anne herself since she intended to publish a novel based on her diary before she died. Third, the edited diary by her father, Otto Frank. A source said that before he died, he showed up five sheets of his daughter’s diary. The reason why he hid five other sheets was because Anne wrote about how clumsy he treated her mother and stuffs he didn’t like to spread. And this is the third type of Anne Frank’s diary. I will show you few choosen wise words of hers.

It must be awful to feel you’re not needed. (Sunday, July 5, 1942)

Memories are mean more to me than dresses. (Wednesday, July 8, 1942)

You only really get to know a person after a fight. Only then you can judge their true character! (Monday, September 28,1942)

Now that I’m rereading my diary after a year and a half, I’m surprised at my childish innocence. Deep down I know I could never be that innocent again, however much I’d like to be. (Monday, November 2, 1942)

“If we can save even one of our friends, the rest doesn’t matter,” said Father. (Thursday, November 19, 1942)

Your imagination often plays tricks on you in moments of danger. (Thursday, March 25, 1943)

All the conflicts about our upbringing, about not pampering children, about the food, about everything might have taken a different turn if we’d remained open and on friendly terms instead of always seeing the worst side. (Saturday, January 22, 1944)

Once you begin your search, you have to keep digging deeper and deeper into the past, which leads you to even more interesting discoveries. (Friday, January 28, 1944)

Nature can bring comfort to all who suffer. (Wednesday, February 23,1944)

As long as you can look fearlessly at the sky, you’ll know that you’re pure within and will find happiness once more. (Wednesday, February 23,1944)

People can tell you to shut up, but they can’t keep you from having an opinion. You can’t forbid someone to have an opinion, no matter how young they are! (Thursday, March 2, 1944)

A person who’s happy will make others happy; a person who has courage and faith will never die in misery! (Tuesday, March 7,1944)

A kiss here and there didn’t automatically lead to trust. (Sunday, March 19, 1944)

You can get around to meaningful conversations more quickly in the dark than with the sun tickling your face. (Friday, March 24, 1944)

You never realize how much you’ve changed until after it’s happened. (Saturday, March 25, 1944)

If I don’t have the talent to write books or newspaper articles, I can always write for myself. (Wednesday, April 5, 1944)

Things are only as bad as you make them.( Friday, April 14, 1944)

No country sacrifices its men without reason, and certainly not in the interests of another. (Monday, May 22,1944)

Stupid people usually can’t bear it when others do something better than they do. (Tuesday, June 13, 1944)

I can’t imagine how anyone could say “I’m weak” and then stay that way. If you know that about yourself, why not fight it, why not develop your character? (Thursday, July 6, 1944)

Laziness may look inviting, but only work gives you true satisfaction. (Thursday, July 6, 1944)

People who are religious should be glad, since not everyone is blessed with the ability to believe in a higher order. (Thursday, July 6, 1944)

“Every child has to raise itself.” Parents can only advise their children or point them in the right direction. Ultimately, people shape their own characters. (Saturday, July 15,1944)

Maybe you couldn’t see how she had grown up so fast during her suffering times as her diary’s readers see it. Since Anne was two years long being in the hiding house, I can see her changes to be a wiser person day by day. Though it doesn’t mean I understand every sorrow she had. People can’t be tho, because as my favorite quote of Harper Lee in her To Kill A Mockingbird’s novel,

You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view […] until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”

This diary showed how she had to get used from being the girl who had always been adored and then came a time when people didn’t care at all on it. But don’t worry, Anne was not only talking about how rough the days she had to pass but also about how her feelings were. Such as anger, sorrow, misery, happiness and cuteness through her puberty.

What impressed me are the way they always celebrated every family member’s birthdays, giving presents and surprises although it’s hard for them even to get healthy foods everyday. It’s such a lovely thing! And for the Dutch who were taking care of them, sacrificed their life to safe another, they were so brave. I actually got the point here. As an Indonesian, I know how cruel the Dutchs (except Multatuli and his unseen friends) were to Indonesians for 350 years in hundred years ago.

Considering this situation, you will understand not to condemn a whole nation for a group of people’s crimes.

This is what I think for the Jews too, the Germans and all nations or clans.

The conclusion is I do adore Anne for her honesty, courageous, strength and writings. If she didn’t write this, I might not be able to at least felt the way as if I was being in hiding. In spite of that, I was pretty disagree about the way she treated, thought and felt of her mother. I keep thinking that her mother was actually care a lot to her. Mother just can’t deny the fact that her Anne had already growing up in spite of the event in which happened amongst her, her mother and Margot when she was few years younger. But I can’t blame it all to Anne since she wrote the diary when she was a teenager. I know how it feels to be a teenager! I also disagree about her letter to his father. It was so rude. But overall, it was fine. I even cried a bit while reading the ending of this book which of course not writen by Anne herself because it was about how The Secret Annex was discovered and how she suffered in bitterness through the camp until she died because of tifus. The Secret Annex was discovered on August 1, 1944 and the cause was remained in mistery of betrayal but who were the betrayers?

P.S Few people said that this book was being faked by Jews to gain compassion from the world, to make them look like angels and Germans look like even the worst and the cruelest. But few were amazed and believed that this book was real. Talking about holocaust and the on going war in Palestine by noticing one of the well-known quotes by Adolf Hitler (which I honestly don’t really know the real source), “I would have killed all the jews of the world, but I kept some to show the world why i killed them,” few people believe that it was because Hitler wanted to tell the world how cruel the Jews actually are… People can see it through the way they attacked Palestinians. In spite of that, the Jews blood in Hitler makes people believe that it was actually a conspiracy. Sacrifice a little to get a bigger thing. So then the world would feel sorry for Jews and let them do what they want, nowadays. What do you think?


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  1. i have read this book on bahasa version, i believe it’s real, not fake by jews… Anne just a jews child, and i think not all of them like jews who attack Palestine. but people opinion is different each other… 🙂


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