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[Book Review] The Complete Guide to International Jobs and Careers: Your Passport to a World of Exciting and Exotic Employment

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Title : The Complete Guide to International Jobs and Careers: Your Passport to a World of Exciting and Exotic Employment

Author : Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D and Caryl R. Krannich, Ph.D

Publisher : Impact Publications

Genre : Business/Careers

Number of Pages : 298

Year of Publication : Second Edition, 1992


Learn the secrets to finding an exciting international job!

“MOST COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE we’ve discovered to international jobs and careers… Provides tremendous insights into the problem of finding work overseas.” – International Living

“EXCELLENT… For all libraries with career or job-hunting collections.” – ALA Booklist

“INCLUDES MANY RESOURCES in various industries and areas (e.g., travel, the developing world) and advise on interviews, resumes, networking, and other aspects of getting one’s desired employment.” – The Small Press Review

“PRACTICAL STEP-TO-STEP GUIDE… There’s more detail than anyone could hope for.” – Travel Books Worldwide

Featured in the National Business Employment Weekly of The Wall Street Journal, the second edition of this popular book helps job seekers better understand the what, where, and how of working in today’s highly competitive international job market. Two experienced international specialists provide frank answer to the most important employment questions:

  • What is the outlook for international jobs in the 1990s?
  • How should one best prepare for an international job?
  • What is the best approach to finding an international job?
  • What types of organizations are hiring abroad?
  • Where are the jobs?

Exposing numerous myths about international jobs, the book provides a realistic view of the international job market. It shows how to find employment with key international employers- multinationals, government agencies, nonprofits, consulting firms, foundations, education, and research organizations-as well as opportunities in both developed and developing countries. Special chapters examine opportunities in the travel industry and how to start and international business.

By only looking at the cover, I honestly do not really need to review this book. Overviews of the contents has been written there completely. Yet, I still want to discuss this book with you so that one day when we need information about international jobs and careers, we could easily use this book as a reference.

As a second year university student, I am over-excited about my future jobs. At the end of this year, I will be doing my first internship. Like seriously, I can’t even wait to graduate and exploring various careers options. I know it won’t be easy. But there is no problem without solution. Haha.

Since one of my dream is to work in a multinational company, I need such a career guidance. I don’t know anything like… what I will be doing, how and etc about working in a multinational company. Based on that reason, I took this book from the library.

This book is quite outstanding. I read 153 of 298 pages in total. Actually, I could just finish it. But this book is way too practical. And what I did back then was only reading the whole pages without practicing. It’s may be more suitable if I read this book when I am about to find international jobs.

Let’s say this book is quite old-fashioned, really, since it’s published in 1992. Even so, the contents can still be used today. Unfortunately, a lot of contents in this book seem like to addressed only for the people of the United States.

OK. Let’s take a look. This book consists of 17 chapters. Discussing from today’s international jobs arena, myths and realities, how to enhance the capabilities and strategies to get an international job, writing resumes, letters, to personal appearance. There are also tips on finding a job without going through an agent. Discussing the interview and salary, finding a suitable job, to specific areas of work in a greater detail. This book is also easy to understand, especially for those of you whose native language is not English. You’ll be fine.

Beware of con artists. Only you can find your international job. It’s hard work, but it must be done by you. Be cautious dealing with anyone who says they can do it for you and accordingly charges an up-front fee for access to their “secrets”. (p. 3)

The author of this book repeatedly reminds us not to look for work through an agent. It says, it’s better to find your own jobs from a variety of sources. One of the easiest way is through friends, neighbors or family members.

The best way to get a job is to ask for job information, advice, and referrals; never ask for a job. (p.145)

We don’t ask them a job. Just explain your interest in international jobs and careers. One day they may mention your name to their acquaintance who has already worked internationally. If you tell 100 people about your interests, there may be more than 50 people who are willing to help you find international jobs you desire. Who knows!

Why do you want to work internationally? Is it because of the myths you hear?

A different work  life. International jobs generate important lifestyles where one’s job and personal life merge into a unique form of work life. (p. 4)

As someone who is interested in international jobs and careers, you must have heard some myths below. I summarize 21 myths (which is written in the book) into 9 in which I think they are the most frequently believed.

Myths and Realities (p.45)

Myth 1 : International employment pays extremely well compared to salaried in the States.

Reality : The financial rewards of international employment vary greatly.

Myth 2 : International jobs are very challenging and interesting.

Reality : Many international jobs are exciting, but many are dull and boring.

Myth 3 :  International work involves exciting and sometimes exotic travel.

Reality : However, the excitement of travel often wears off after… the tenth flight in a single year, after the third move in five years, and after the third lost suitcase and another terrifying taxicab ride from another chaotic airport.

Myth 4 : International lifestyles are better than back home.

Reality : … But such comfort are often offset by daily inconvenience of transportation and communication, by poor health and recreation facilities, by cultures which are best remembered rather than lived, and by the unemployed spouse situation.

Myth 5  : One must have a great deal of international experience to get an international job.

Reality : Many jobs require little or no  international experience- only a specific or exotic skill that is difficult to find.

Specific organizational experience is much preferred over international experience. After all, international experience can be quickly acquired by being posted abroad and by working through the local national staff. (p.34)

Myth 6 : Travel experience and language competency are essential to finding an international job.

Reality : Many people break into this job market without such backgrounds. They possess other more important skills which are in demand.

Myth 7 : It’s best to use an international job placement service to get an international job.

Reality : Many of these so-called placement firms have bad reputations for exploiting clients and engaging in fraudulent practices.

Myth 8 : One has to have “connections” in order to break into the international job market. Whom you know is more important than what you can do.

Reality : Your most important asset will be your marketable skills in a job market that places high value on unique job skills.

Myth 9 : It’s best to learn about other cultures and adjust one’s behavior to meet the local expectations. The more I act like the locals, the easier it will be for me and my job.

Reality : It’s not necessary to go extremes by always behaving like the locals. Other cultures have expectations for both foreigners and expatriates which are not the same as for the locals.

Now what? Are you still interested in international jobs and careers after seeing the realities? There are some things we need to pay attention during the international job search.

Whether you like it or not, your dress and appearance play a key role in determining the outcomes of your job search. (p.107)

Many job seekers approach the international job market high on motivation but low on knowledge and skills-a powerful mixture for job search failure and frustration. (p.7)

The quote above is to remind myself. I have so much motivation. But if I look into my capacity, I got a lot of homework to do, man.

If you lack the proper mix of international experience and connections for landing an international job, you can quickly acquire these keys for breaking into the international job market. You can do this by taking foreign language courses, traveling, joining study tours or semester abroad programs, acquiring an international internship, volunteering to work for an international firm or organization, getting an entry-level position with a nonprofit organization, or starting your own business. (p.9)

Talking about job, have you been targeting a company? I even chose the country where I want to work and hope to work in one of the multinational companies there, yet haven’t decided the specific job I really dream.

Let’s think and change, then.



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