[Resensi Buku] Animal Farm


Judul Buku : Animal Farm

Penulis : George Orwell

Penerbit : Longman Malaysia

Tahun : First published 1945, 87 impression 1995

Jumlah Halaman : vi+122

Benjamin felt a nose nuzzling at his shoulder. He looked round. It was Clover. Her old eyes looked dimmer than ever. Without saying anything, she tugged gently at his mane and led him round to the end of the big barn, where the Seven Commandments were written. For a minute or two they stood gazing at the tarred wall with its white lettering.

“My sight is failing,” she said finally.

“Even when I was young I could not have read what was written there. But it appears to me that wall looks different. Are the Seven Commandments the same as they used to be, Benjamin?”

For once Benjamin consented to break his rule, and he read out to her what was written on the wall. There was nothing there now except a single Commandment. It ran “






The illustration on the cover is reproduced by permission of the Educational Film Centre Ltd


Introduction: George Orwell and Animal Farm

“I write it because there is some lie I want to expose, some fact to which I want to draw attention, and my initial concern is to get a hearing.” This was one of Orwell’s major concerns throughout his career as a writer; a second was the way language is twisted and corrupted to tell lies for political purposes, and made into weapon of political control. (p. iii)

… what Orwell regarded as one of the worst sins: intelligence which refuses to take political responsibility. (p. v)

“Liberty is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” (p. vi)

Buku yang sering kali dikaitkan dengan karya Orwell yang lain, yaitu 1984 (cek resensinya), ini kembali membahas sebuah sistem politik pemerintahan. Namun, dalam bentuk fabel yang diberi judul Animal Farm atau peternakan hewan.  Beberapa pembaca mengaitkan tokoh babi jantan Old Major sebagai Marx, lalu babi jantan Napoleon sebagai Stalin, dan babi jantan Snowball sebagai Trotsky. Marx adalah filsuf yang dikenal dengan ide komunismenya. Stalin adalah kepala negara Uni Soviet sejak pertengahan 1920s sampai meninggal. Sedangkan Trotsky adalah penerus Lenin juga, tapi diusir oleh Stalin ke luar Uni Soviet. Lanjutkan membaca [Resensi Buku] Animal Farm

[Resensi Buku] We the Living

we the living amazon.com

Judul Buku : We the Living

Penulis : Ayn Rand

Penerbit : Signet

Tahun : (75th Anniversary Edition) Juni, 2011

Jumlah Halaman : xiii + 511 hlm.


We the Living is not a story about Soviet Russia in 1925. It is a story about dictatorship, any dictatorship, anywhere, at any time, whether it be Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, or – which this novel might do its share to prevent – a socialist America.” – AYN RAND

First published in 1936, this classic novel as its theme the struggle of the individual against the state. It portrays the impact of the Russian Revolution on three human beings who demand the right to live their own lives and pursue their own happiness. It tells of a young woman’s passionate love, held like a fortress against the corrupting evil of a totalitarian state. We the Living is not a story of politics, but of the men and women who have to struggle for existence behind the Red banners and slogans. It is a picture of what those slogans do to human beings. What happens to the defiant ones? What happens to those who succumb? Against a vivid panorama of political revolution and personal revolt, Ayn Rand shows what the theory of socialism means in practice.

This seventy-fifth anniversary edition includes an Introduction and an Afterword by Ayn Rand’s philosophical heir, Leonard Peikoff.

Born February 2, 1905, AYN RAND published her first novel, We the Living, in 1936. Anthem followed in 1938. It was with the publication of The Fountainhead (1943) and Atlas Shrugged (1957) that she achieved her spectacular success. Ms. Rand’s unique philosophy, Objectivism, has gained a worldwide audience. The fundamentals of her philosophy are put forth in three nonfiction books, Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology, The Virtue of Selfishness, and Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal are all available in Signet editions, as is the magnificent statement of her artistic work, The Romantic Manifesto.


Writers are made, not born. (p.ix)

“Well, if I ask people whether they believed in life, they’d never understand what I meant. It’s a bad question. It can mean so much that it really means nothing. So I ask them if they believe in God. And if they say they do – then I know they don’t believe in life.”


“Because, you see, God – whatever anyone chooses to call God – is one’s highest conception of the highest possible. And whoever places his highest conception above his own possibility thinks very little of himself and his life. It’s a rare gift, you know, to feel reverence for your own life and to want the best, the greatest, the highest possible, here, now, for your very own. To imagine a heaven and then not to dream of it, but to demand it.” (p.112)

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[Resensi Buku] The King of Torts

Judul Buku : The King of Torts

Penulis : John Grisham

Penerbit : Doubleday

Tahun : 2003

Jumlah Halaman : 294 hlm.

Buku yang menggunakan hardcover ini dicetak dengan gaya buku lama, yang tidak memiliki gambar di cover depan maupun belakang, apalagi sinopsis dan kutipan orang lain mengenai bukunya. Jadi, langsung aja ke quote, isi cerita, dan pendapat, ya.


… an organized desk was a sign of an organized mind. If you couldn’t find something in thirty seconds, you were losing money (p. 8)

I rather say you’re losing everything eh.

“You have to spend money to make money.” (p.116)

“… People think I’m greedy because I could quit and go live on a beach for the rest of my life. Boring! I’d rather work a hundred hours a week trying to catch big crooks. It’s my life.” (p.128)

“Live for the moment, Clay. Tomorrow will take care of itself…” (p.164)

You live by the leak, you die by the leak. (p.244)


Buku ini menceritakan tentang Clay Carter yang berprofesi sebagai public defender di Washington D.C. Lulusan Georgetown Law School ini dulunya bekerja di kantor hukum milik ayahnya yang juga seorang pengacara, sebelum musibah menimpa keluarga dan memaksa perusahaan ayahnya ditutup. Mau tidak mau, Clay pun bekerja di kantor public defender. Mikirnya sih, itu sebagai jalan untuk mencari pengalaman sebelum nantinya terjun ke perusahaan hukum besar. Kenyataannya, hampir semua yang bekerja di kantor public defender memang selalu memimpikan bekerja di perusahaan hukum besar dan berakhir di kantor itu lagi, itu lagi.

Suatu hari, Clay ditunjuk untuk mewakili Tequila Watson yang dituntut atas kasus penembakan terhadap seorang pemuda bernama Pumpkin. Lanjutkan membaca [Resensi Buku] The King of Torts