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[Review Buku] Writing from South Africa


Judul Buku : Writing from South Africa

Penulis : Herman Charles Bosman, William Bloke Modisane, Henry Nxumalo, D Can Themba, Ezekiel Mphahlele, Alan Paton, James Matthews, Mothrobi Mutloatse, Richard Rive, Bessie Head, Gladys Thomas, Damon Galgut, Abel Phelps, Deena Padayachee, Merle Colborne, Nadine Gordimer, Normavenda Mathiane.

Editor : Anthony Adams, Ken Durham

Penerbit : Cambridge University Press

Tahun : Cetakan I, 1995

Jumlah Halaman : 137 hlm (17 cerita pendek)

This anthology celebrates and explores the particular qualities of the writing of a nation. It is a collection of modern South African short stories charting the progress of South Africa  in the twentieth century. Writers are drawn from the different racial groups, including several stories and authors who have been ‘banned’ in South Africa in past years. South Africa’s culture, peoples, background and languages are explored, demonstrating the wide range of reactions to the experience of apartheid – violent, ironic and hopeful. The stories are illustrated by a collection of South African photographs and are each given a short introduction. A general foreword and glossary are included to guide students through anthology.

UNTO DUST – Herman Charles Bosman

Alive, you couldn’t go wrong in distinguishing between a white man and a kaffir. Dead, you had great difficulty in telling them apart. (p.5)

Kaffir (racial term) artinya kulit hitam.

Clip pendek cerpen : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jP6Rs8PjIg

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